Our diversity, our greatness.

Loup Chocolat is the bridge that supports, encourage, love human greatness by making it possible.

LOUP CHOCOLAT is a humanist attitude
that can be adopted by every city

Loup Chocolat unwar human life and cities

HOW ? Everything lives outside is first living in our inner world. That means we are free and responsible to be aware of the links exist between the different facets that make us humans. That will bring us to our harmony, our peace, our greatness.

The more we have humans in peace, the more the world is in peace. That is the perfect state to make the right decisions for ourself as well as for our surroundings. Because we are connected. This is the only connection that should count.

Loup Chocolat shows that necessarly when we experience one extremity we naturally can experience the opposite because this “opposite” is what we make happening in our outside world or in someone’else life. This is the proof that “this opposite” can happen in our life too.

When it happens within one city, then it can happen in all the world because we have only one common denominator : human being. We all got the “human being diploma” which includes the right “skills” to make it possible, NOW.

Let’s start to see the present & global situation as a “chance”.
We have built this situation to make it
from this point the best expression it can be

“Unsatisfaction shows us the path to satisfaction”, “Sorrow makes us understand what joy is”, “Any lack, any absence we feel make us believe in any fulness or presence”. That is why we can consider it as an opportunity experiencing an extremity. It is the invitation to become GREAT.

Then when we understand that we never are only one of them but always both of them, a large horizon appears, a large horizon shows us how the pespectives can be great if we decide them to be.

Accepting our diversity is essential to live our greatnesss, our greatness is made of links between every point, every color, every reality, every fantasy that are living within each of us. When we can do it for ourself then we can do for the world.

Loup Chocolat philosophy when applied insure a better distribution of opportunities and exchanges of wealth, we give, we receive. The world counts on what everyone can give to reach and maintain balance, equity and justice.

Everything is in our hands, in our soul, in our heart, in our mind to decide to make this world a GREAT WORLD. That is at least a very good news !

The real happiness is in our choice to live our greatness!

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